John 14:4 – And whither I Goyee know, and the way yee know.

Goyee aims to provide sustainable livelihood to marginalized communities through an online platform where members of families can earn income by simply promoting essential products through their social media accounts.

For some marginalized households, any additional income may mean survival. In a rural setting where opportunities are scarce, where there are no social nets to take care of normal things that happen in life like sudden illness and other unexpected expenses, online income opportunities presents an alternative that does not require that traditional expenses associated with regular jobs.

Additional income from online activities may mean the ability to send students to school, additional food on the table, money to pay for medicine and so much more.

Goyee Inc.
1525 McCarthy Blvd.
Suite 1126
Milpitas Ca 95035

Goyee Online Shop
Bldg 2 Apartment #6
97 Guilig St. Pogo Chico, Dagupan City
Pangasinan, Philippines

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